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How Keyword Call Tracking can help you optimize your Digital Budgets

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In today’s digital age, where most information is researched and consumed on the internet, it is important for companies to allocate their digital marketing budget  effectively.  

This  includes reaching out to the right audience through the most effective channels to increase engagement and leads.

When large businesses receive thousands of calls a day call attribution has become an important component of performance marketing.

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When a customer calls a business from an online ad with call extensions, it is hard for businesses to infer the keywords that lead to customer interest since it is not clear to majority of customers whether they clicked on a paid marketing ad or an organic search, and even if it were, a business cannot directly ask each caller for the source of the call.

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To track phone calls, your business can use online keyword call tracking software that allows you to display a virtual phone number and get information like caller id, location, keywords, other UTM parameters  and  content  of  inbound  offline  phone  calls  and  conversions  which  can  then  be attributed to either google or social media campaigns, websites and more.

How is it useful?
Your business can use insights from this data to balance your budget by focusing on campaigns that are working better than others.

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Knowing which keywords work by driving calls to your business can allow you to optimize your spending on keywords by focusing on keywords that proven to provide high quality leads by driving calls while reducing spending on keywords that don’t drive the same level of results.
Data has shown that 70% of mobile searches result in a direct phone call to a business from the search results page (Source:;jRBkKYgsSZ%2BswZxai%2BbjMQ%3D%3D). This information is a great sign of the importance of tracking inbound calls to your business, and its potential for a high return on investment.
You can now attribute offline conversions to your online marketing campaigns and measure ROI and success more effectively.
It is crucial for a business to be on the lookout for marketing outlets that lead to larger engagement and higher inbound call traffic. Below we list out a couple of channels where you can implement call tracking for an effective allotment of your digital budget.

Google AdWords - Your company can use display ads, search ads, video ads on Google using the AdWords  platform,  by creating  different  campaigns containing  their own  set of  ads. Each campaign can be tied to a unique call tracking trackable number to measure its effectiveness and compare it with other campaigns. If you want to measure effectiveness at the granularity of individual ads, then allocate a different business phone number to each ad and track leads that way. You can also track keywords and other UTM parameters driving your phone calls

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Facebook Ads – You can drive phone calls from your Facebook campaigns like sponsored ads, boosted page ads, video ads. By assigning a unique trackable number, you can drive people to call your business. Thus, you can measure all round effectiveness of campaigns. You can measure the effectiveness of each individual ad and thus attribute your offline leads conversions to your social marketing.


So, we have seen that setting aside the right digital marketing budget becomes crucial if you want to run effective campaigns for your business. Keyword call tracking is one of the best ways to check effectiveness and attribution, and its fairly easy to implement with call tracking systems.
In conclusion, tracking calls provide a better understanding of your target audience’s needs and wants & allow your business to adjust its digital marketing spend effectively to get higher conversion rates.


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