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Facebook & Google Call Extensions: How do you maximize the potential of calls?

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A staggering 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day. And a  huge  proportion  of it accounts  for  searches  related  to  products  and  services.  

The phenomenon translates into an opportunity for businesses to drive leads and convert them into customers through the means of advertisements. Though Google AdWords and Facebook ads have been around for quite some time now, many businesses still do not realize the maximum potential of these platforms with the help of extensions they have on offer.

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What are Call Extensions?

Not every business requires driving the leads to its website.

Whether it is booking a table for dinner, making a query regarding the availability of a product or confirming  an  appointment;  there  are  instances  where  a  customer  would  prefer  human interaction and calling the business over interacting with its website.

Call extensions help your advertisements online stand out from the rest, giving customers ability to call your business directly from the search results.These  extensions  help  in  better understanding  the  value  of  business  campaigns  by  measuring  the  phone  calls  that  these  ads generate. More calls translate into more leads and effective purchasing choices.

Allowing marketers to include additional information about their businesses, Call Tracking Software and call extensions help businesses to get more creative, consequently helping them to stand above the competition and get better ROI on marketing expenditure. The process comprises of three stages:

  • Refining Keyword lists: By assigning unique call extensions to your business ads with different keywords , you can track a particular keyword using Keyword call tracking the exact search term prospects that led your leads to the ad. With the information generated, one can easily determine which keywords drive traffic and calls that turn into sales.
  • Optimizing Return on Investment: From paid searches to social digital marketing, you can optimize the bids with the help of keyword-level attribution. As the  information stockpiles up, you gain in-depth knowledge and separate good performing keywords from those which don’t.
  • Increasing Revenue: A  blend  of  optimization  and analytics  can  do wonders  for your campaigns and help you carry them  out in a much more  strategic and cost-effective manner.  Consequently,  you  are  able  to  build  up  a  campaign  that  not  only  fits  the requirements of your organization but also builds up revenue over time.

How are Google and Facebook call extensions different?

Google AdWords provides an advertiser with two types of click-to-call ads. These include call- only ads and call extensions. While Call-only allows the user to make a phone call when clicked, call extensions allow the user to either visit webpage or make a phone call to the business. This means that unlike call-only ads, the ads with call extensions can display on any device. Here are the key points to know about Google AdWords call extensions:

  • A Call equivalent to click: When a user clicks on the ad and it thereby leads to a phone call, it incurs the same costs as headline clicks.
  • Website or Phone: When the call extensions appear with ads, prospects can see your number and when their devices are capable of making phone calls- a clickable call button which when clicked allows them to either visit your website or place a phone call.
  • Business hours: You can set hours between which your business take calls or takes queries.
  • Conversion tracking: Call extensions make it easy to track calls as conversion by simply turning on call reporting in the AdWords account. 



These ad-types are perfect for businesses to drive calls to local businesses, but only when the potential customers are searching for relevant keywords on Google. Now, consider the prospects of consumers who are not actively conducting searches for the products on Google.

Social platforms then act as a platform for businesses to promote their products and services in front of passive audiences, boost awareness and drive phone calls which later translate into purchases. Facebook’s click-to-call ads consist of a call now button which when clicked opens the dial pad on user’s phone with business’s number preset. Apart from this, the platform also allows the business owners to generate specific actions with call-to-action buttons which include:

  • Get Directions: Facebook click-to-call extensions make it easy to find and connect with local customers by helping people find your shop from their phones.
  • Send message: This button helps in generating leads by allowing the users to send private messages directly from your ad.
  • Learn more: This extension allows you to drive the user to any page of the business website or blog for more information.


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Why Call Extensions?

Businesses which have set their paths on paid searches place a great deal of value on a call from a new prospect, much more than receiving his email or setting up a deal and nurturing them to the point of purchases. It is so because the leads that call them can easily be qualified as serious leads taking into consideration that these prospects are much above the discovering phase and share a serious interest in the business.  And with consumer today being introduced to new choices every day, a phone interaction with the brand is as personal as it can get to build trust and solve consumer’s queries. Call extensions with using Call Tracking System act as a direct hotline straight into your business.

In case your paid ads lack call extensions, you make it harder for the consumers to make a leap for interaction by breaking the easiest bridge between you two; since now they will be interacting with your business website and not a human respondent from your sales team. Moreover, if a consumer already has clarity of what he desires and is ready to take an action, he will not be willing to waste his time clicking through the website and looking for a specific product or service. Instead, he will be easily willing to move on to the competitors who made the process much more convenient for him.

Therefore, if driving calls with using Call Tracking Software is an important goal for your business, setting up Facebook and Google call extensions is the way to go. They provide a simple way to understand the behaviour of your potential customers and add value to your ad campaigns.


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