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Answering calls the right way is critical for real estate

Posted by Adoroi

Every business runs on a successful sales and marketing effort, which operates in tandem. The basic function of a sales and marketing unit is to answer calls using basic calling etiquettes. 


However, it may sound to be very simple, but calling is not just about picking up the phone and talking. This becomes even more critical when you are in a B2C business like real estate, where you are anticipating a flurry calls coming in, some are inquiring, some are complaining, and so on.It doesn’t matter whether you are into the commercial real estate or residential real estate, clients always need a professional person who can answer all their queries. When it comes to commercial real estate, there are a lot of inbound calls that real estate companies have to answer. Many companies have in-house receptionists, but the efficiency of these receptionists is truly put to when there is a critical call coming from a very important client.

Real estate companies think this to be a cake walk and take the onus on themselves, not realizing that answering calls is a science and there are service providers who are experts in this field. Call answering services have a systematic method of answering calls which is a combination of IVR and human callers. Having these specialized services can help real estate companies.

Here are the following benefits of having a professional call answering service:

1. Realize cost savings in comparison to having a full-time receptionist. Moreover, the service level associated with having a professional call answering service provider is far higher than that of a receptionist.

re2. Having a call answering service always sounds more professional as compared to a regular receptionist. The members of a call answering service provider are well trained to handle all kind of customers.

3. Having a professional call answering service will give a professional image to your real estate business.

4. As a business, you don’t need to focus on these non-core functions and you can completely take care of your core business functions.


However, not every real estate company can afford to have a professional call answering service. Hence, they must rely on the receptionist or sometimes the real estate agents themselves have to be the ones who will cater to calls. Hence, it becomes even more important to take some steps or pre-requisites to give an exceptional call answering service on your own: Let us look at some of these prerequisites.



1. Be at your best on every call
Imagine you calling someone and there are a lot of background noises and disturbances. You definitely don’t want to engage in a conversation. Similarly, whenever your client calls, if the situation is not conducive, it is better to avoid the conversation at that time.

The worst thing to happen is to irritate a client by engaging in a non-productive conversation, which can result into failed professional relationship. Remember, your client needs your complete attention for which you need to give your best.

It’s better to have no conversation but if you want to, at least make sure it is a focused one.



2. Appreciate & Respect Family Time
Remember, your clients have family time too. Hence, respect and appreciate that and the same will be reciprocated by your client as well. So, don’t call at odd hours and even if you call during normal hours and the client says he is with family, give them the space.



3. Define Boundaries
Setting up expectations and boundaries will ensure that your clients also come to know what the right time is to call you. If you keep answering your call on a specific time, the client will assume that you are available on that time and will keep calling you.

Hence, whenever you are engaging with a new client, ensure that you are defining some protocols for calls so that your client is well aware of it. A simple communication like, “My phone is on between 7 A.M. and 8 P.M., however, if you need something outside these hours, please drop me a text message”

Remember, answering a call is not just about picking a phone, it is about setting up rules, guidelines and protocols, which sets up the foundation for effective communication.